HVAC Design Engineer / Assistant Project Manager

Job Overview

The BP Group is in search of a determined full-time design engineer/assistant project manager for our Mechanical division in the New York City Metropolitan Area. All applicants are required to have one year job or 1 year of combined design engineer/assistant project manager experience and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Any suitable combination of education, training and experience is acceptable. The role of an HVAC design engineer/assistant project manager is to work under the project engineer and guarantee project success from inception to completion. Project management experience is recommended for effective collaboration with architects, engineers, and clients in order to strategically supervise and assign team members (2-4 designers and 2-6 foreman). HVAC system design experience is necessary in order to design and draw sketches, estimate project costs based on proposed budgets, document site or system conditions, create alternative design-build solutions, and select or design pumps to match the installation.


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