Specialized HVAC Divisions in NYC

Specialized HVAC divisions of The BP Group contribute to the overall process of a project and its goals. Having highly skilled workers ensures that every building project is conducted properly and adheres to the highest standards we hold for ourselves. The diversity and expertise of our employees brings new and innovative perspectives to each project.

Our HVAC Divisions

BP Air Conditioning, BP Mechanical, Legacy Insulation, and Special Projects Group each play a necessary role in the completion of every project. All HVAC divisions work together as a team to achieve optimal results for our building and facility customers.

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Our BP Air Division maintains over 7,000 pieces of equipment for hundreds of our clients. BP Air Conditioning is an elite group that is constantly innovating to better serve our clients. We capture data-driven information from client HVAC assets in our Field Service Platform to achieve cost efficiency, sustain system uptime and enhance equipment performance.

Our cloud-based service software integrates artificial intelligence, augmented reality, natural language processing, and prognostic equipment monitoring to provide our clients with maximum transparency. Experienced technicians, quick response time, and a focus on equipment longevity results in minimal non-contract billing for our clients and enables us to develop everlasting client relationships.


As a leading mechanical contractor in NYC, our team provides the most comprehensive resources to meet our clients’ project requirements. Our knowledgeable and experienced estimating team is equipped to provide all HVAC plan and specification projects with accurate budgets and/or contract pricing.

Our operations staff leads our clients’ projects to completion by combining the right people with the right processes and utilizing technology to serve the client optimally.

mechanical services division, NYC
Special Projects Group at BP Group


The SPG team provides energy-efficient design-build services with a focus on turn-key construction results for our clients. The service we provide is a close engagement between end user (client) and mechanical contractor (The BP Group).

SPG saves our clients time and adds value to the project by facilitating all aspects of a project including expediting, engineering, estimating, design, procurement, commissioning, and close out.


One of our youngest divisions, Legacy Insulation, completes a wide range of complex insulation assignments including industrial and commercial insulation installation, insulation repair, firestopping and maintenance services.

Proper HVAC insulation decreases the cost of a buildings electric bill and creates a comfortable working environment for everyone. Our technicians are proud members of Local 12 Union and are properly trained to offer cutting edge thermal insulation services.

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