2018: New Year, New Technologies

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XOi Technologies Cloud-Based Platform:

BP understands that customer satisfaction, team communication, and maintaining relationships are priorities that are essential for our company’s success. So, that’s why we partnered with XOi technologies, a new communication platform.

XOi gives technicians smart glasses, which help harness the power of real-time video, audio communication, and content sharing to unlock business opportunities and boost revenue. It allows technicians to virtually connect with each team member, obtaining the best and most accurate information.

Information can quickly be sent, received and reviewed using a cloud database. So now, everything is recorded, and everything can be seen by both the clients and our team. We want to grant the client’s a sense of trust and security, so we started recording our projects and putting it in the XOi cloud.

XOi Technologies Cloud-Based Platform

Air Purification Systems

BP is always attempting to ensure the satisfaction of the clients. We want to put our clients in the best possible environment, with the best possible materials, for the best possible price.

Now, we are starting to utilize new air quality systems. With today’s technology, air quality systems can provide unique and proven air purification technologies that measurably improve indoor air quality while improving energy efficiency and reducing building operation costs.

In fact, certain systems offer technologies that can reduce mold, control the spread of bacteria/airborne viruses, and even reduce airborne particles, VOCs, as well as germs that get past typical filtration solutions. BP loves the idea of creating cleaner, and more environmentally friendly air for both our clients, and the environment!

Smart Building Technologies

At BP, we noticed that clients want to have more access to the projects in their buildings. That’s why we will be partnering with a Smart Building Technology communication company.

Sometime this calendar year, BP will be implementing a new communication platform, ensuring to our clients that we are the best commercial HVAC company in NYC. We want to give our clients a better, more satisfying experience. Using a cloud-based communication platform, that can be accessed by the client, will enhance our ability to explain projects, and communicate to clients. Additionally, certain communication platforms will have GPS trackers, to track employees, equipment, as well as projects.

We want to revolutionize how we work at BP. We think this is possible by granting clients more accessibility to both the project and our employees. And installing it in a cloud-based platform will make it that much easier. BP wants your business and you to feel safe and secure under our care. Stay tuned to our blog and LinkedIn regarding press releases, updates, and announcements.

Energy Savings:

This calendar year, BP is establishing a major focus on energy savings. We want our clients to be saving both energy and money. NYC has one of the most expensive energy rates in the nation.

Are your energy bills through the roof?

Don’t worry. We will work with you through any energy difficulty, find a solution, and create a financial plan suitable for you and your industry. We have countless resources and a reliable team ready to help fix any energy issue.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call for ANY inquiries. (212) 383-2100.

Energy Saving with The BP Group