A Humble Leader

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It’s far from often a leader emerges and solidifies themselves through trust, loyalty, knowledge and resilience. 30 years ago, The BP group was blessed enough to receive a gift in our own Nancy Falco. some search a lifetime for purpose, others have it written in stone. The motherly approach that Nancy possess made her a natural fit to create the foundation in which the BP Group stands on today. From leading The BP Group HR department, planning and organizing important events, to selecting the right candidates for open roles Nancy has been in the midst of it all, tactful and impactful, ready and willing to go through theups and downs of business.Bob John Nancy

“The impression Nancy left on my family and I began during a tough transition from my old firm to BP” says Jack Fanneron, President of The BP Group. “It took 6 months of me contemplating the best decision for my family and I, whether I was to stay at my current firm or accept the offer that BP had so graciously presented to me. Nancy was extremely patient and understanding. January 7th, 1997 was when I made my final decision to come to BP and Nancy sent a dozen roses to my wife Betty. I instantly felt welcomed to BP. Since, Nancy has been like family. I’m still jealous of all the vacation time she has accrued. Can you believe it? Five more days of PTO time than the President of the group, but she is more than deserving of it.”

Nancy has always been known for her rolodex of expert contacts who can offer professional services at fair and honest prices. The Group has nicknamed her Nancy “I got a guy” Falco and it’s been sticking for close to 30 years!

“Nancy is like the glue that keeps BP together. Problem? Go to Nancy. Question? Go to Nancy. I honestly don’t know what they’re going to do when she decides to hang it up. There is not another person at BP that could fill her shoes” Said Tara Scanlon, BP Receptionist.

“I’ve always received great encouragement and support over the past 3 years. Nancy is an exceptional boss who always has the best interests of employees in mind. It’s so important that a leader knows how to bring out the best in the people around them. It’s not easy to find a true leader that you look up to and who encourages you. She’s an inspiration to us all.” – Laura Talavera, Assistant to the General Manager

Here at BP, our family oriented culture embraces each employee. We want to thank Nancy Falco for her 30 years of service and counting. Nancy, with the upmost sincerity you are greatly appreciated!