Analytics, they’re not only used in sports

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In today’s day and age it is no longer acceptable for a business to solely understand a current situation they are faced with. Businesses need to digest current situations while simultaneously formulating a tactical approach on how the next situation will be handled (prior to knowing what the situation actually is). One may compare business analytics to sports analytics, as it is vital in both to use past and present statistics to your advantage so you have the ability to forecast the future. Past and present achievements and difficulties need to be considered while collecting and reviewing statistical data in order to sustain a business that can both serve and solve the needs of their clients, just like they do in sporting events!

We at BP understand the significance of strong analytics. Through technology advancements, we now have the ability to generate valuable information from the buildings BACnet Control systems. Essentially, the building analytics will allow BP to maintain or in most cases improve the overall energy and operational efficiency, comfort, and maintenance of your buildings.

One of BP’s many various analytic advantages will allow you to set an optimum operating standard and will report to you when you are deviating from that standard. The result is the protection of your assets, conservation of energy, continuous monitoring to avoid system downtime and reporting on all key system functions. The reports generated are easy to understand and will allow your building management team to succeed at meeting your operational and financial goals.

The BP Group has a vast wealth of experience and knowledge of past and present trends in the HVAC and mechanical industry, it goes without saying that integrating a system that will assist in forecasting the future based on statistical data will better help us serve our client’s needs, before they even know it’s a necessity. Should you have any questions, contact Ralph Andrews, VP of The BP Group.