BP attends The Unified Group’s Emerging Leaders Conference

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On Monday, October 13, 2014, several members of the BP family attended the Emerging Leaders Forum in Chicago, IL, hosted by The Unified Group. They embarked on their trip in hopes to obtain information and techniques that will enable each department to take steps towards BPs future business plan. Each member who attended the conference exemplifies and exercises leadership techniques daily. The purpose of their presence at the conference was to empower each person to strengthen their capability by interacting with professionals whom they can relate.

From the launch of the conference on Monday until the concluding speech on Thursday, there was not a spare second to be had. Each moment was packed with vital information consuming each attendee with vibrant ways to interpret the term “leadership”. From a welcome dinner on Monday, followed by guest speaker Scott Olson on Tuesday, to group reflections on Wednesday, ending with a recap of effective tools and techniques on Thursday, BP employees came home with highly effective information and fresh ideas to share with their co-workers.

Scott Olson, guest speaker at the forum has extensive experience as a musician as well as experience on the executive level in leadership in organizational development, personnel, pastoral ministry, life coaching, and operations. His diverse involvement in various ventures made him easy to relate to and intriguing to listen to. He involved everyone in a ProsSan personality profile, simply to create individual understanding of oneself.

Olson made it apparent to be a great manager, you must be able to lead those you work with, not manage their every movement. One of the most prominent lessons the group took from Scott was to understand that as a manager you are only as strong as the weakest member of your team. It is your job as the manager to lead each team member to reach his or her maximum potential in order to measure your level of success. Each member of your team is going to be different; it’s the manager’s role to lead by understanding the significance of how each person’s individuality can benefit the team.

During the group breakout sessions, the BP group was scattered amongst other industry professionals. Discussions regarding topics Scott Olson presented were had; Situational simulations regarding operational, HR, and financial challenges and solutions were examined. Lastly, effective time management strategies and planning/organizational skills were offered.

Highly effective leadership skills were offered during the four days from guest speakers, conference leaders, and professional attendees. Personal evaluation and situational experiences brought the forum back to an individual level, which enabled the audience of emerging leaders to reflect on their leadership and management styles independently.