BP Features in Synergy Solutions Inaugural Group of Innovators

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On July 5th, Synergy Solutions announced their list of Inaugural Innovators, the group that is responsible for XOEye Technologies. XOEye enhances the ability of mobile devices and smart glasses to document service calls, receive real time support, and provide transparency for clients. BP, along with only eight other companies were honored across the United States.

“XOEye’s smart glasses provide real time data, giving us the ability to provide real time solutions,” said Michael Brathwaite, executive vice president, BP Air Conditioning Corp. “In New York City, we are all about time. We now have the ability to pass correct information to our technicians and clients in a New York City minute.”

XO Vision, the company’s cloud-based platform, helps harness the power of real-time video and audio content. Allowing BP to share with clients directly, unlocking business opportunities and boosting revenue. XOEye, like other technologies used by BP, are pertinent to maintaining both, equipment and customer satisfaction. Thanks to our relationships with companies like Synergy, we can continue to pride ourselves on giving our clients the best possible experience with the best results.