BP Spreads Holiday Cheer

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“A merry heart doeth good like medicine” – King Solomon

The holidays are about family, friends, laughter, and happiness. What about those who aren’t so lucky? BP recognizes giving back to those less fortunate is an important factor of fully enjoying all the holiday season has to offer. Toys for Tots is an incredible organization ran by Mercy First that allows members of the community an opportunity to touch the lives of less fortunate children during the holiday months.
Everyone should experience the feeling of holiday joy. The objectives of Toys for Tots is to help those less privileged throughout the United States experience the true blisses of the holiday season. BP employees donate unwrapped gifts throughout the month of December into the Toys for Tots bin in the office lobby, unifying our offices for the common cause of bringing happiness to a child’s life. The filled bin of holiday treats gets picked up right before the Christmas holiday by the organization and then distributed to deserving children bringing them the happiness of the holidays and spreading an overwhelming amount of holiday cheer.

Toys for Tots is an unbelievable organization that The BP Group holds very dear. The organization not only does good for those receiving, but for those giving as well. It is a program that unifies our offices as one aiming to do good for those who could use some extra joy and hope during the holiday season. We at BP are the lucky ones whom over the years had the pleasure of understanding that giving back is a gift anyone can partake in and can be immensely influential and significant to those receiving.