BP’s Headway Into the Future

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The BP Group prides itself on staying one step ahead of their competitors both internally and externally. There is always something new to learn, a new market trend, a new strategy, and original innovative ways to increase productivity. This past June valued employees Alberto Ruiz and Noel Judge represented the BP Group at MCAA’S “The Company of the future: People, Communication, and Productivity Mid-year Conference,” in Indianapolis eager to gather innovative theories on connecting, efficiency, and productivity.

The three-day conference was packed with beneficial material that supports The BP Groups business plan. Future trends in communication, benefits of technology for your operation, legality, professional letter writing, project meetings, collaborative brain storming, decision making, internal communications, and personal action lists are just a few of the seminars that were hosted during the conference.

The MCAA encourages all contractors to apply technology into their day-to-day business to further productivity, yet couldn’t overstate enough that personal conversations, meetings and phone calls are irreplaceable. Interaction with a personal touch is imperative and essential to any successful business relationship.

Ruiz explains after attending the conference, “I now encourage my team to become more involved in turnover or kickoff meetings. This has helped us become more informed and gives the ability to begin a project properly. I have also applied added levels of communication to our team meetings regarding collaboration practices for all projects. Our functional approach is focused on team accomplishments instead of individual.”

The action packed conference schedule gave a broad overview of the current business and where it is heading. The structure of the business will remain the same, yet as a company, we need to be able to adapt with the times and stay ahead of the industry trends. The BP Groups strategy is to keep their internal family intrigued in the company as well as their individual careers. Knowing the future industry trends and understanding what it takes to stay ahead of competitors’ is where BP employee professionalism shines.

Attending industry events such as MCAA’s mid-year conference is crucial to future business growth. The BP Group obtains the ability to gain exclusive knowledge from professional speakers, network with other national industry leaders, understand and learn to apply personal professional paths and goals, as well as enlighten fellow BP co-workers with their experiences and new expertise upon their return.