Building a Better Tomorrow

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bp_windowWhen the BP group was founded there was no doubt in the minds of John Losey and Robert Barbera that they wanted to create something special. The strong foundation in which BP stands on is servant leadership. BP has always endeavored to create a customer first mentality within each team member. Building lasting relationships caters to the success of this company. Bob and John have always said the long nights that turned into early mornings are what got us here.

BP did not start off with an accommodating office space, illustrious technology, and a fleet of vehicles dedicated to project managers and technicians. In fact, BP’s first office was in a NYC apartment, but BP has always extended accommodating services beyond the reach of its competitors. These services have not only increased in quality but have also expanded into multiple divisions that offer complete building performance solutions, all within a 32,000 sq. ft. facility.


A legacy that is built on a reliable foundation can stand for a lifetime. We pride ourselves on creating a working environment in which our employees can thrive and obtain new levels of achievement. Our clients are assured with confidence that our employees are given the best tools to meet their needs, from cutting edge technology and training for field technicians, to precise and dependable systems and services through mechanical construction.

The BP Group now includes five divisions: BP Air, an HVAC service and maintenance company; BP Mechanical, a commercial HVAC contractor; Integrated Building Technologies, a mechanical and HVAC control engineering company; Legacy Insulation, an insulation provider; and U.S. Chiller Services, a larger tonnage chiller maintenance division. “Our multifaceted approach allows us to offer a full range of HVAC services to clients within parallel markets” says Jack Fanneron, President of The BP Group.

As we reflect on humble beginnings we choose to never forget how we started and, more importantly, where we are headed.