“Working together, Winning together“

The BP group has been actively inviting and hosting synergy group members and their family in the past few weeks. We strongly believe that working together and helping each other are significantly important to the growth of corporation.

Women in HVAC

Women across the country are forming relationships to create more opportunity and a higher commonality of gender across major HVAC/R

3 Reasons Why It Might Be Time for a Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Temperatures are expected to be record breaking for the month of May as the end-of-week heat wave approaches. The long-awaited sun is preparing to show face. There are a few key reasons why a maintenance agreement will benefit operational efficiencies and keep HVAC equipment up to standard and running efficiently during the next few critical months.

A Humble Leader

It’s far from often a leader emerges and solidifies themselves through trust, loyalty, knowledge and resilience. 30 years ago, The BP group was blessed enough to receive a gift in our own Nancy Falco. some search a lifetime for purpose, others have it written in stone.