Celebrate Earth Day With Sustainable Solutions

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BP Green

Today is Earth Day, a day for celebrating our planet and supporting environmental protection. Here at The BP Group, we celebrate every day through BP Sustainable Solutions. Sustainable Solutions is designed to increase energy-efficiency in commercial, residential and institutional properties throughout the New York metropolitan area. The services provided include auditing building systems, assessing building operations and identifying sustainable alternatives, all in which provide building owners and managers with the knowledge of which areas of the building need improvement. These improvements will result in cost savings, but most importantly, energy savings.

When it comes to alternative solutions, our experts look into mechanical systems, chillers, lighting, boilers, water efficiency, windows, thermostats, and other areas of energy loss to find the best way to lower the energy being consumed. When it comes down to it, there are many alternative solutions that can be put into place to protect our planet, not just when it comes to HVAC systems. A switch as simple as changing your outdoor lighting to solar powered lighting can make a significant impact.

The BP Group has that “green” mentality, and it stays with us long beyond Earth Day. We will continue to do our part and contribute to our planet by using “green” products and LEED compliance. Take action today to protect our planet!