To the Cloud

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Now-a-days technology makes the world go round; this is something all businesses must take into account when mapping out their business plan. Within the past decade we’ve seen a tremendous amount of growth in technology, progressively making what used to be tedious tasks now a piece-of-cake. No matter what industry your company is in, technology will always play a large roll in its success. BP’s IT experts persistently strive to keep BP’s technology current whether it is software, mobile devices, tablets, or hardware.

It is imperative for companies to have a secure IT department, as they are ultimately the team that protects the data and continuously ensures that the day-to-day operations will run smoothly and effectively, as everything is now technology oriented. BP’s IT team recently upgraded network infrastructures, refreshed hardware, consolidated the company servers, and managed the mobile devices and tables as needed to warrant a successful business operation. The team follows the latest trends in the technology industry and evaluates what features will be vital for BP.

The “cloud” is the latest cutting-edge feature in the technology world that is being pressed by the big companies such as apple and Microsoft. The cloud was created to manage data in a more organized and easier manner, giving users ubiquitous access, and fostering group collaboration. BP has done its fair share of research on this new feature and is taking steps towards moving into the “cloud”. This is the future of technology, everything is moving towards the cloud.

BP has implemented a collaboration platform that enables a team to be in various locations yet collaborate on the same documents and share ideas. The execution of the cloud feature is going to take BP from good to great by enabling multi-location teamwork and cooperation.

Focusing on the technology trends allows BP to stay current. BP is one of the big players in the HVAC industry. With the execution of the newest technology trends, they can assure their employees, along with their clients, that they are offering the most up to date information and solutions available, putting them ahead of their competitors. Though, BP is not in the technology industry per se, they have a brilliant team of IT experts whom have the ability to constantly keep BP in the loop with all of the latest trends, enhancing endless amounts of company growth.