Family Matters

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There are few better feelings than witnessing your children’s dreams come to fruition. The BP Group, to us, is a family. When one celebrates, we all celebrate.


We want to place the spotlight on our very own Scott Ruggiero and his two sons. Scott has been blessed to witness his two sons, Michael and Matthew Ruggiero, experience their dreams surely becoming reality. Matthew, Scott’s youngest son graduated from Catholic University and began a full-time career in the United States Justice Department, while studying for his masters in forensic psychology at George Washington University. Matthew has contributed to our country’s government and continues to do so as he grows in his selected career path.

Michael is the older of the two and has also reaped the benefits of hard work. Michael received a full ride scholarship to Syracuse University to study for his Ph.D. When asked where he believes his sons acquired their intelligence, Scott replied “I have no idea where it comes from, but I’m proud of the outcome.”

Scott says, when Mike was younger, they had to take him out of public school and put him in Catholic school because he was becoming the class clown, unfocused and uninterested. Scott believes his son Mike needed to be in a more challenging environment. Just three years after his undergraduate studies, Mike received his Ph.D. from Syracuse University and has recently received an offer from University of Cambridge to pursue a career as a Research Assistant/Associate in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. That’s a mouthful, but still easier said than done. Scott and his wife have never been to Europe and Scott even admits to being afraid to fly. When asked if he would be conquering his fear of flight to visit his son, Scott replied “I’m extremely afraid to fly, but I will have to for my son.” 

We congratulate these two young men for their accomplishments. Through our positive actions we often unconsciously inspire those around us.