Good or Great Service?

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Freedom tower still

In any service industry what separates one company from another is just that, the ability and willingness to go above and beyond standard service offerings.

Customers should be treated as humans rather than tangible objects that produce a cash value. Some companies tend to look at customers as well oiled machines. As long as you give that machine what it needs, nothing more, nothing less it will in return perform the way it is meant to. The human mind is much more intricate. We have this thing called Impressions. Impressions become opinions and opinions can ultimately transform into beliefs rather quickly. Whether we like it or not what is believed of a company based on “opinion” becomes truth to the masses.

At the BP group we strive to create positive impressions of the services we provide.
The way great service providers separate themselves from good service providers is to do what is not required but appreciated and remembered.

“Here is a simple but powerful rule: always give people more than what they expect to get.” – Nelson Boswell

fixing the problem and providing service is a must to even be considered. Doing so in a way that allows for clients to feel comfortable and important through presentation adds satisfaction to things that are already a must. The way your employees present themselves to a client can either create a positive or negative impression. The character of a technician becomes transparent with the way he/she treats the customer. The way they are dressed, cleanliness of their uniforms and at times even the condition of their truck.

Customers who are showered in delight often have a better experience. Kind words, gifts and ‘thank you’ cards are all things that contribute to the overall experience while making a customer feel valued. Time is important to all of us. For a customer to know that time is taken to consider actions beyond the original call of duty can go a long way for the reputation of a business.