Kenny McLean: Making a Difference!

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Volunteering does not necessarily mean you have time, it purely means you have heart. Opening your soul and volunteering is not only an admirable trait, but also shows a strong sense of selflessness. Volunteering allows the gift to make an impression on countless lives and certainly make a difference.

We find it heroic when a member of the BP Family devotes their time to volunteer programs, as we appreciate how precious personal time is. Kenny McLean, a BP CSR, is a superior illustration of the word selfless. Kenny is a key leader in the Youth Community Outreach Program in Mt. Vernon, NY. One of Kenny’s main roles in the program is working with male youths, ages 8-16, on their basketball skills. This program was created with the intent of keeping kids involved in positive activities within the community to keep them going in a positive direction instead of falling into negative situations on the street.

In addition to playing basketball, Kenny and this wonderful program hosts and organizes, athletic events, career days, and field trips, just to name a few. Allan Ayers, now a retired detective, is the founder of the organization. Both Allan and this organization hold a very special place in Kenny’s heart. Typically, when one undertakes this type of work it is because the common goal of the work holds a special place in the volunteer’s heart.

To Kenny, he views his time and involvement in this program as something that feels right. His personal time is spent doing the right thing and giving back to kids who remind him of his past. Kenny’s life experiences give him the ability to see the world from the eyes of whom he is hoping to help. Kenny’s positive influence on these children ultimately results in them learning the importance of confidence, hard work, and optimism.

The youth and innocence of children ages 8-16, like those Kenny is devoting his time to, is extremely critical. The work Kenny is participating in will help pave a positive path for these children at such a critical stage in their development process into adulthood.

We proudly honor Kenny and his devotion this month. Understanding his selflessness serves as an inspiration to his work family to open our hearts to opportunities such as those Kenny has become involved in. Kenny, we salute you for molding the youth of our country into people who will have the ability to shed positivity just like you have done.