Let Freedom Ring

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No day shall erase the memories our BP family consumes and shares of The World Trade Center. With heavy hearts, we reminisce times spent doing some of our finest work for our cherished clients in the beloved buildings. Though we will never forget, the time has come where we must move forward and take care of one another by participating in the construction of New York’s newest symbolic building, The Freedom Tower.

The BP Group is both honored and humbled to be a part of the erection of The Freedom Tower. The trade center will forever have a place in America’s heart which is one of the reasons why The Freedom Tower project is so monumental for our country. The creation of the building symbolizes the strength and courage of New York. Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Jim Thompson, Emilios Alexandrakis, and Cynthia Djongoue-Kamga were the BP project managers whom were chosen to oversee the various projects we constructed in The Freedom Tower including the legendary observation deck. This floor specifically was very special to our company because we feel it is where people will go to capture mental images of our incredible city which leave an imprint in their hearts that will last a life time, just like the late Trade Center did for our company along with our country.

People from all walks of life will travel to The Freedom Tower observation deck and will subconsciously grasp that it’s not what they are looking at that matters, it’s what they see and take from the experience that will forever be a part them. It is with our greatest pride to have been a part of this monumental construction build.