Local Law 12: Reducing Energy Consumption

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Local Law 12 was brought into effect on October 1, 2014. The law made it mandatory for pipes that are exposed during alteration or repair, to be properly insulated to the extent required by the New York City energy conservation code. This article states that the entire length of pipe that is exposed must be insulated, along with any additional length of concealed pipe that is directly accessed through openings created throughout the duration of the work.

Just like many things, there are some exceptions to this law. These exceptions are stated on the document as follows:
1. Exposed pipe with one-inch (25-mm) think continuous coverage of existing insulation in good condition.
2. Where the length of concealed pope which may be directly accessed through openings made in the course of such alteration or repair is less than three feet (914 mm).
3. Where there is not sufficient space to insulate pipes to the extent required by the New York city energy conservation code due to conflicts with existing construction, pipes shall be insulated to the extent that space allows.

Read Full Local Law Here