Priceless Education

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Over the next few months, The BP Group will be remodeling our current facility. We are calling this project “Loading Dock Construction.” BP Management has given all BP employees the opportunity to be interactive throughout this project giving those interested an in depth understanding of what is involved in all aspects of a project from conception to completion. BP is enthused to give this exciting opportunity to eager employees whom are curious to learn beyond their day to day workload.

Being that all of our employees have a heavy and demanding workload, there is no obligation to be involved in this renovation project. This is considered an extra activity to broaden the horizons of our employees over the duration of approximately two months. Those determined to further their knowledge and skill set will be exposed but not limited to design build, general construction, general construction scheduling, coordination of all trades, communications within BP and communications with all sub-contractors & vendors.

We are a company that works on construction sites every day. Being that we have an internal project, the BP Management Team wanted to seize the opportunity and offer a learning experience that doesn’t come around very often. Understanding all aspects of a construction project being led by industry experts is truly a priceless experience. We look forward to the roll-out of this project and want to take a moment to thank those who have showed interest and volunteered to be involved in advance!