Proud to be the Recipient of the E. Robert Kent Award

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Dennis Shuman, Steve Heiderstadt, Robert Barbera, John Losey, John Fanneron, Steve Dawson

We’re proud members of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA), and even more proud since receiving the E. Robert Kent Award. The E. Robert Kent Award is for acknowledging management ideas that help companies and their profits grow, which is exactly what The BP Group team did. With the goal of providing high quality services to our clients, we built a business management tool called PIPES. PIPES stands for process, information, portal, enabling, success. It’s capable of streamlining processes, improving employee practices and providing customers with a consistent experience. Each capability matches who we are as a company, innovative and committed to customer satisfaction. The combination of collaborating with ATX Advisory Services and working off of the MCAA planning for profitability framework, resulted in a tool that can lead employees through important procedures, eliminate redundant processes, help on-board and train employees, and increase accountability.

PIPES is rooted in Microsoft technologies, making it easily maintainable and cross platform compatible. The innovative makeup of this tool allows for increased productivity and cost-effectiveness, two crucial factors in today’s competitive market. The BP Group has grown significantly through the years, and strives to keep growing. Sometimes it takes going back to the basics to create something new. Today’s technology and MCAA’s original principals has created an inspiring and award winning tool, literally.

John Losey, Robert Barbera, John Fanneron, and Steven Heiderstadt were present to accept the award, and two other special guests made an appearance as well. Retired NBA player Shaquille O’Neal and American singer-songwriter and actress Sheryl Crow took some pictures with our very own. 


If you’re interested in viewing the entire workflow of your business, download BP PIPES. It’s available to all MCAA members for free. It’s just a download away.