Red Sox vs. Northeastern

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This battle in Boston had nothing to do with the patriots in a come from behind victory or the Celtics going into overtime, instead this battle was during a game of baseball between the Boston Red Sox and the Northeastern Huskies.

During this annual face off, members Northeastern Huskies baseball have the opportunity to test their skills against the best competition in the world. In the minds of these collegiate athletes this game is the benchmark for their true ability to perform. Anxiety and energy can be felt from the time these players arrive on their team bus down to the very last inning. Many of these college players will not go on to play in the major leagues, some will pursue careers in finance, business or health. These athletes are talented both on and off the field, athletically and academically.


There is no better substitute for gauging true work ethic than sharing the field with professionals, professionals that are in the same age range as most of the Northeastern Huskies athletes. This opportunity can inspire and increase perspective on what can truly be accomplished with passion and hard work.


After the new comers got past their star struck mannerisms, hand shaking and introductions with the Boston Red Sox roster the games began. Throughout the game players from the Huskies rose to the occasion and made plays that dazzled the crowd with ohs and ahs.


Amongst the many, Nick Fanneron made strong efforts throughout the game. Nick ended the game with 1 RBI and a walk. Not only is Nick performing on the field with season statistics of 9 RBI’s, an SLG% of .650, AVG of .350 and 2 home runs thus far. He is also performing in the classroom. Nick is a double major in finance and marketing at the prestigious D’Amore- McKim School of Business Northeastern University, all while playing Division 1 baseball. He is a candidate for graduation on May 18th, 2017.

There is certainly no limit to what can be accomplished. These young men are already on the right paths at such an important time in their lives. We wish them nothing but success and resilience for the fast balls and change ups that life throws them, with hopes they knock it out of the park each time.