Successful and Healthy 2015!

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2014 has flown by and 2015 is already in full bloom. Time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished this past year and to focus on what we would like to achieve individually, and as a company, in the new year. Over the past few months BP has implemented free on-site personal training and wellness help led by our fitness trainer, Jackie Fanneron. Employees participated in events such as the Savage Race, the Tough Mudder, and a basketball tournament in hopes of becoming a more health conscious and physically active company. This new year, Jackie plans on motivating more employees to become involved in Team Wanderlust Events, continuing to help everyone physically and nutritionally, as well as commencing a smoking cessation program.

How to achieve your dreams for 2015…

Only 22% of people that make New Year’s Resolutions actually follow through on their goals. In order to become part of that successful group, the key is to create a SMART goal that will keep you on track.

S- Specific: be clear and unambiguous when setting your goal. No guessing.
M- Measurable: set a goal that allows you to measure your progress.
A- Attainable: is this goal realistic and attainable?
R- Relevant: create a goal with importance and meaning.
T- Time-bound: commit to a deadline. Open-ended goals tend to go forgotten.

Tips to prepare to reach SMART goals:

Get your mind set!
Set specific daily tasks that will get you to your goal. If you make a goal to lose 30 pounds by 12/31/15, determine what you need to do each day to reach your weight loss goal. Start with one day at a time. Day 1, follow through with your commitment. Then do it again the next day. By following through, you begin to trust yourself and keep going.

Find Functional Food!
Shop to keep healthy options available at all times. By not purchasing (and getting rid of) those foods that are going to tempt us, we lessen our chances of eating  “trigger foods” sending us into bad eating habits. Tip: Prep food beforehand and always have healthy snacks on hand.

Whether it be with a trainer, a friend, or by yourself, plan time each day for your workout!

Ask for help!
If you have a question or need help, don’t be afraid to ask!

Now let’s have a Happy and Healthy 2015!