The Strength in Numbers

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“I gained a better understanding of the challenges faced industry wide and how to address those challenges by listening to others discuss how they handle the issues.” – Jonathan Giaramita, CFO BP Group

Synergy Solution Group has opened the possibility for industry leaders nationwide to gather and share ideas on both business and technical approaches proven to increase the success and profitability of firms.

About Synergy

Synergy Solution Group is a network of peers who share an aligned vision, drive, and passion for the commercial HVAC industry. The mission is to help HVAC contractors build connections and develop meaningful relationships for everyone within their organization. Synergy formed in 2016, but members have known each other for years.

Increased Productivity

The group has created a selection of Task Forces focused on individual areas of business processes. Synergy members volunteer for different Task Forces to contribute and share best practices with their fellow peers. As part of the Founders Board, The BP Group president Jack Fanneron plays an important role Synergy’s Partners Task Force. Their goal is to evaluate potential partnerships for Synergy. The task force is also working on purchasing matrix to see areas where they can leverage existing relationships to create better partnerships for everyone.

synergy jersey numbersThis year Synergy created three events for different levels of leadership to discuss better business practices in the HVAC industry. The Sales Summit, Leadership Forum, and Executive Forum are each tailored to enlighten, inspire, and motivate different levels of members’ teams. Jack Fanneron was also part of the Executives Forum task force and assisted in the planning of that meeting, including recommending ATX as a speaker.

Other members of The BP Group are a part of departmental task forces that contribute to their role and the overall improvement of the company. The lessons learned and taken away from these peer group events are invaluable. No one can do it alone. As a team, we partner with Synergy for the sole purpose of gaining knowledge that contributes to self-improvement.

We are proud to be members of such an authentic group who works together to resolve and overcome real industry issues and challenges.