Togetherness conveys power and success

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The Unified Group, a network of innovative and capable HVAC companies nationwide, signifies togetherness, instead of competitiveness, to reach a common goal of success. Through our membership with The Unified Group, The BP Group has the influence of a billion dollar nation-wide company, while still maintaining independence to operate in the local market. Through purchasing partnerships, national customer service agreements, sales and marketing opportunities, and best practice sharing, BP is able to become even better at what we do.

Being a member of The Unified Group has been extremely beneficial. For our clients whom are serviced under National Customer Agreements, we’ve been able to take advantage of our membership by utilizing our fellow Unified Group members to provide service outside our standard zones. This allows us the ability to manage the project and give our customers a sense of familiarity without having to dispatch BP servicemen nationally.

Each year The Unified Group hosts training seminars and conferences all over the country for members to network and develop relationships with each other. During these conferences, participants from every company share ideas and techniques with one another. This ultimately empowers them to gather new ideas to bring home to their company. BP employees have found these conferences to be inspiring, practical, and an opportunity to shine creatively.

Being a member of such a powerful group gives us unlimited opportunities. We can function on a much larger scale then we would as an individual company. By working with our Unified Group brothers and sisters, we have the ability to digest an indefinite amount of new ideas for growth and success!