Turning Tragedy to Triumph

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Tragedy to triumph with team TeamGr8Dads

Positivity breeds happiness. This happiness transcends through the individuals we come across throughout our lifetime. Our technician, William Edwards has decided to make a difference in not only his daughters lives but single, striving fathers alike.

The movement is called TeamGr8Dads. The TeamGr8Dads movement started with the combination of William’s hobby printing and pressing T­shirts and being a single parent of two girls.

Tragedy to triumph with team TeamGr8DadsWhen asked how and why this organization was formed William went on to say, “When my wife passed away six years ago, I was forced to find the strength within to take care of my two young girls alone. In the digital day and age we live in social media has allowed the chance for people to see a little of me first hand, the day­-to-­day things that I do with my girls, how I interact with them through videos and photos. People stamped me a great dad for things I was doing before my wife passed. Although I feel I’m an amazing father, I know there are others out there struggling each day just like me. With the TeamGr8Dads movement it’s more so a way of motivating, strengthening, and building our future and present parents. I sell hats and shirts to finance my annual Father’s Day BBQ and when people wear the hats and shirts they feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. In the future I hope to expand my ideas to mentoring workshops for single fathers/parents. The bottom line is, it’s just a positive movement for uplifting people”.

It takes courage to turn the negatives into positives. By salvaging the experiences that we hold close we find the strength to continue our journey.

Show your support by following the TeamGr8Dads Facebook page at “Teamgreight” where you can learn more about the organization.

We applaud William Edwards for his inspirational, selfless efforts to contribute to greater good.