Union or Non-Union, That is the Question

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The BP Group value their field personnel just as they would they’re workforces whom are in the office on a day-to-day basis. All field technicians are proud members of local 638, Metal Trades Division. Individually, at the beginning of their career, all BP technicians were enrolled in and graduated from local 638’s Metal Trade’s interactive service fitters educational fund school. Unions have many beneficial aspects not only to the individual but to the employer as well.

The BP Group understands and utilizes the unlimited qualities local 638 prides themselves on. The school trains their members to understand and learn the skills needed to master the trade in a competitive setting. The members are trained in both the classroom setting as well as workshops to get a feel for the manual work they will be preforming everyday.

BP technicians are obligated attend the school. The school spans a total of 3 years: 2 years – one day a week for two 13-week sessions and 1 year – two nights a week for two 13-week sessions. The BP Group is extremely attractive to union members because the company pays for their technician’s education at the school in its entirety while giving their techs the ability to earn a steady income as an employee while completing their education.

The service fitters educational fund school itself also offers Journeymen upgrade classes after hours free of charge for members who are interested in advancing their trade education. The only time members will be charged is under a circumstance where a certification fee exists.

One may wonder, why hire union technicians over those not associated with a union? The answer is simple, union technicians have been properly trained since their first day as a member of the brotherhood. The school educates and trains their members on new equipment and new technology, teaches theory from the books and displays its application in the field almost simultaneously. Union members come to work at companies having all of the necessary certifications and represent a sense of unity throughout the field environment based on their union values and quality of workmanship.

When BP assigns their technicians to a jobsite, they rest assured that they have quality individuals with proper training representing their company name. Union labor represents worth, value, and excellence; all of which the BP Group appreciates. In partnership with Local 638, The BP Group recognizes their technicians worth!