We Use Data and Talent for Making Business Better

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BP Group - HVAC Industry Leaders in NYC

In today’s workforce, there is no shortage of talented individuals. However, there is a shortage of those choosing to pursue traditional “service” type jobs, which includes field service workers in the HVAC industry. This is partly due to the Millennial workforce, which views this profession as a vocation (instead of a sought-after career) and a job that is not part of the “college to real-world” path they feel is necessary to pursue due to the pressures of societal norms.

But this perception is not necessarily reality. A slew of highly intelligent and skilled field service workers are changing the way we do business in the HVAC industry. Our software platforms and these professionals who work at the intersection of service and technology, enable us to rise above and disrupt how our company conducts, analyzes, and completes business. This is next level BP Group and this is how we are using our data and technology to attract talent and make our business better.

What We Do at the BP Group

Through internal motivation and a push from leadership, BP has transformed business processes by leveraging new technology partners and data that was previously unavailable or difficult to obtain, organize, and parse. This data allows us to have a better understanding of how, when, and where we spend our money and provides transparency between our company and our customers.

For us, our interest in technology and data helps us analyze customer behavior, employee personalities and performance, our business finances, and our overall purchasing power. It helps us understand behaviors that could change how we do business and the finances we have to support our decision-making.

The Takeaways

From this overall implementation and our use of data, here are a few key takeaways:

  • Using data creates more transparency for clients and an overall better relationship
  • Analyzing data provides helpful insight into making smarter financial decisions and provides buying power when working with vendors and other providers
  • As the availability and use of augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IOT) changes the way we do business, we need to embrace it and learn how to use and leverage the data for doing business better
  • Data insights can make a business quicker, cleaner, smarter, more cost-effective

As the industry continues to innovate and adapt, we must stay ahead of the curve and ensure we don’t lose ground – or talent – and keep pace to grow and make an impact. Our excitement and ability to embrace and implement technology will help us better serve our customers and provide more opportunities to talent to thrive.