We Are Family, We Are Thankful

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It has been a wonderful year at The BP Group. We held the “Annual BP Giving” lunch pot lot before the Thanksgiving Day and the Annual Holiday Party in early December. All BP Employees were involved and enjoyed their time.

“Wow, that was amazing” everyone said, when they first walked into the office and saw the beautiful decorations. Thanks to our talented employees, they arrived office much earlier than other colleagues to set up all decorations and prepare for lunch. The BP Group is a multi-culture company. There are employees from different home countries with diverse backgrounds. As expected, the lunch was amazing. It turned out to be a huge international buffet and everyone brought their favorite dish. Many of them are homemade traditional dishes.

At BP, we treat each other like family and we are thankful for what we have. We strongly believe there is no success without an effective team. This is a thankful season. We are very grateful for all employees’ hard work and would like to thank everyone who gives us trust, support and courage.

Besides the “BP Giving”, we also held the Annual Holiday Party in early December. The party was held at a beautiful venue called Russo’s on the Bay.  All employees brought their spouse or partner to the party. It was a lovely night with great music, food and cocktails. Again, 2017 has been a wonderful year to BP. There were many employees having their 5th, 10th and 30th anniversary at The BP Group. At the party, the company owner John Losey and Robert Barbera gave thankful speech to everyone that has grown with BP. Jack Fanneron, president of The BP Group and Steven Heiderstadt, president of BP Mechanical, also gave their grateful words to our featured employees for their excellent services.

In BP family, we always take a moment to look back and thank for what we have. We are very glad to have such dedicated management and staff teams that lead BP move forward. As the leading HVAC firm in NY, we are looking forward to the next excellent calendar year 2018!