What to Expect from Mechanical Services

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What is Mechanical HVAC?

Mechanical HVAC engineers specialize in designing, analyzing, and maintaining mechanical systems. This includes heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment in commercial buildings and industrial facilities. But how does it impact you?

If you’ve ever enjoyed your warm office on a freezing winter day or reviewed an energy audit for your commercial building, then you’re already familiar with mechanical engineering. Chances are, you experience mechanical HVAC on a regular basis. It keeps you comfortable year-round and, when installed correctly, you don’t even realize it’s there.

When you choose to partner with an HVAC company in New York for your mechanical engineering needs, you probably want to know what results you can expect. Read on and we’ll walk you through some of the key benefits.

commercial building hvac system

Mechanical HVAC Services for Increased Efficiency

With proper maintenance, most commercial HVAC systems last between 10-15 years. However, as technology continues to advance, new systems use less energy. They also improve the air quality of your commercial building more effectively. So, if your energy bills are increasing and your workspace isn’t as comfortable as it used to be, that may be a sign that your equipment is outdated.

Here are just a few examples of ways that HVAC efficiency can be improved by a mechanical engineer:

  • Replace outdated equipment
  • Schedule regular maintenance
  • Seal building’s heating and cooling ducts
  • Ensure recommended refrigerant levels are met

Once your new HVAC equipment is designed and installed, our mechanical engineers will continue to monitor its efficiency using the latest industry technology. This allows any malfunctions or performance issues to be addressed before they impact your day-to-day operations. And once we arrive at your facility to perform repairs, there will be less downtime since we’ll already know exactly what the issue is.

Lower Operating Costs With HVAC Maintenance

Owning and operating a business in New York City is expensive enough without having to worry about low-performing, costly units. In fact, the US Department of Energy (DOE) has estimated that about 40% of energy expenses for the average commercial building are spent on heating, cooling, and ventilation. That’s why investing in professional HVAC services for your building will pay dividends due to lowered overall building costs.

There are ways to reduce operating costs on your own. For example, you can set the thermostat lower during off-peak hours, replace air filters regularly, and properly insulate your workspace. However, you may still be paying too much if there are fundamental issues with the performance of your HVAC equipment itself. And that’s where The BP Group comes in.

When you schedule an appointment with our mechanical contractors to inspect the systems in your building, we’ll let you know whether they need to be refurbished or replaced. Some units are simply too old to perform well. And some units are better than others. With The BP Group’s 40+ years of experience in the commercial HVAC industry, you can trust us to make the best recommendations for new equipment.

Professional Mechanical HVAC Services in NYC

The BP Group can review your existing systems and provide you with insights and recommendations for improvement. This will only serve to manage your building’s energy use and lower utility costs for years to come.

Our BP Mechanical Division specializes in HVAC construction and retrofits of commercial and industrial facilities in New York. Contact us to discuss your mechanical HVAC needs and collaborate on a solution that suits your needs. We hope to hear from you soon!