Why the correct startup is so important

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The cooling season is upon us. With warmer weather comes the importance of unit startups. After months of your system not running it is important that good maintenance has been performed through the cold weather to assist during the warmer weather.

There are some important things to keep in mind during this season.

When you conduct a thorough seasonal start-up, you will:

  •         Maximize energy efficiency
  •         Increase reliability
  •         Take preventative measure to avoid system failures
  •         Extend equipment life

Here’s a roadmap to get started.

Startups begin with routine checkups around the exterior of equipment, making certain that connections and panels are in place with no missing or dirty panels. Look for evidence of refrigerant leaks that may have been missed during equipment operation.

Once it is confirmed that there are no exterior issues to be taken care of it is time to focus on the important components of the equipment that impacts operational costs and energy efficiency.

If the system received the proper maintenance during shut down season this will make starting up the unit more cost efficient.

For water cooled units it’s important to make sure condenser coils and the tower are clean prior to start. Efficient operation of units requires facility managers to be proactive. Proactive cleaning at the end of the cooling season will reduce startup costs. This means cleaning coils, towers and strainers will increase the life and performance of equipment.

Air cooled units also require clean coils. Punching tubes every other year will also increase the life of the unit.

Water leaks can be caused due to humidity. Because the unit has been sitting you want to clean the humidifier pans and drain pans of scale build up.

Beginning preparation in the early days of April will minimize the possibility of a unit breakdown and the need for emergency services.

There are measures that can be taken for minimal frequency customers which include making sure all contactors are free of pitting.

BP Air’s HVAC maintenance programs are individually and uniquely designed to provide exceptional service based on each client’s unique necessities. We hope these startup tips assist in creating a smooth transition from the heating to cooling season.