Work Hard, Dream Big, Accomplish the Unimaginable

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You only have one body in your lifetime, so why not take care of it? The BP Group knows how important it is to understand the key benefits of supporting health and wellness in the workplace. As a company we are taking steps to create a healthier work environment and are encouraging our employees to do the same at both work and home.

Jackie Fanneron is BP’s personal trainer and organizer behind our health and wellness program. She helps many of our employees get a fitness plan together and joins them on their journey to create a healthier life. Laura Billiot, a BP employee, took BP’s health and wellness program by storm and gives us confirmation that promoting health and wellness in a working environment can really help change employees lives!

6 months ago, Laura made the admirable decision to stop smoking. Around this time she started training with Jackie in the BP office gym. Training helped Laura stay on the smoke free path as it kept her mind occupied with fitness instead of cigarettes. Laura’s fitness goal that she made for herself was the Long Island Half Marathon. By following the fitness plan Jackie had mapped out (running and strength training 3-4 times a week) Laura competed and completed her first LI Half Marathon!

With a wonderful feeling of accomplishment in completing her first goal, Laura was even more determined when setting her second goal. This time, Laura looked to family, more specifically her father, for inspiration when she decided that she would like to compete in the 2016 NYC Triathlon. Laura’s father partook in several triathlons in France so she felt this goal was something she and her father could bond over.

We are delighted to have employees like Laura utilizing BP’s health and wellness program to create an improved life for themselves. Over the past 3 years, Laura has proved that she will prosper professionally and personally to meet her goals. Starting off at BP as an Assistant Project Manager, quickly switching gears into our estimating department and now back to the project management team as a Jr. Project Manager. Much like her health and wellness goals, her vast professional dreams are leading her to become very well rounded in order to get an overall understanding of our industry.

Remember, “Where there is no struggle, there is no strength”. Laura, reach for the stars. Your BP family supports you on your journey to the 2016 NYC triathlon!