Overview of Case Study

The BP Group goes above and beyond to resolve a system meltdown in less than 24 hours.

The Problem

The client’s cooling tower and three additional HVAC systems were not operating properly. A gearbox failure was responsible for the system meltdown, the gearbox is the device is inside a cooling tower that utilizes power from an AC motor to drive the large rotating fan blades and cool the water. Operating under large variable load conditions, the gearbox is subject to excessive and prolonged stresses that cause degradation, and in this case, a cooling tower failure.

The Solution

“The cooling tower fan motor failed while we were onsite performing an Industrial Solution survey. Noticing the enormity of the problem, we replaced the fan motor, pulley, flywheel, shaft, bearings, and belt and we had the tower back online by the afternoon.” – Foreman, Junior Nasim

After the site survey, the client was advised to rebuild and replace the system cooling the water tower. In order to guarantee maximum system performance, we installed a refurbished unit, durable piping, and upgraded controls. The key to achieving equipment longevity and optimal efficiency is the implementation of a refurbished system as well as a developed preventative maintenance plan with a predictive approach.

industrial hvac system on roof


“I wanted to reach out to you and your team and express my gratitude for your assistance with the cooling tower project. You went above and beyond, your team came to the site the same day we called and surveyed our tower. To our surprise and delight, your company was able to make these complex and necessary repairs the very next day. A million thanks, Junior. We appreciate you and BP.”

Cesar Vasconcellos, ZocDoc Facilities