Cutting 60% of HVAC Costs for Technical Operations Center

Case Study: Creating an Affordable HVAC Design-Build Program

Charter Communications was on a tight construction budget for their new technical operations center, so they turned to our Special Projects Group to create an effective and affordable HVAC plan. The job needed to be completed within a four-month timeframe and consisted of transforming a 22-year-old car dealership into a comfortable, clean, and energy-efficient technical operations center to house technology and vehicles. 

The project at 2nd Avenue in New York City was completed ahead of schedule and took approximately three months from concept to design to installation.

HVAC System Design Requirements

Cost-Cutting Solutions


Despite initial concerns that the space would require new AC units that could have doubled the project cost, the Specials Projects Group was able to come up with a new game plan. 

We instead repurposed the 60-ton Trane H&V (heating and ventilation) unit and altered its original design. This provided the client with tremendous savings value under their proposed budget.

hvac design build project at technical operations center


We had a big problem and not much money in our budget to fix it. In the end, The BP Group was able to meet what we thought was an unattainable budget and delivered a system to meet all of our needs on a timely basis.”

SAL A, Corporate Senior Director of Real Estate And Facilities In NYC