Commercial HVAC Cleaning Services

Now more than ever, it is essential for building managers and owners to ensure a safe and healthy environment for occupants. Installing an air purification system into a commercial HVAC unit and implementing fresh air solutions can be efficient and effective for buildings regardless of size. These HVAC cleaning and sanitizing systems are installed in ductwork or coils and remove mold, bacteria, and viruses that may circulate throughout a building. An air purifier improves indoor air quality and creates a safe and healthy environment for your commercial operations.


The BP Group offers advanced commercial HVAC air purification services to improve indoor air quality and the health and safety of customers, employees, and visitors. These services vary in scope, but all improve air quality by removing germs, mold, and other harmful contaminants. This creates safer air circulation within commercial buildings of all sizes.

Sanitizing evaporator

Apply Evap-Fresh Spray, an EPA registered anti-microbial odorless product, to remove and kill bacteria and restore HVAC unit sanitization.

High Efficiency Filters

Upgrade existing HVAC air filters to a higher MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) to decrease contaminants in air circulation.

Bipolar Ionization

Install air purification to deliver ionized air molecules that can attach to airborne pollutants and remove 95% from breathable air.

UV Air Purifier

Install UV light air purifier in air conditioning duct work or an evaporator coil to stop microbiological growth and destroy up to 85% of pathogens.

The Benefits of an HVAC Air Purifier

The pandemic brought the spread of viruses and air contamination to the forefront of concerns for commercial property owners and building managers. But there are commercial HVAC air purifier systems that increase air circulation and create cleaner indoor air. Investing in these improvements will provide benefits for all who enter and work in the building.

Improved Air Quality

We evaluate HVAC systems and make recommendations to help improve the overall air quality of your building.

Better Breathing

Anyone who enters your business in New York can breathe easier with your professionally installed commercial HVAC air purifier.

Reduce Airborne Bacteria

HVAC systems can play a huge role in controlling the movement of airborne bacteria and helping to dilute them.

Reduce Germ Spread

Our comprehensive, advanced commercial HVAC sanitizing services will help your customers and employees stay healthy.

Prevent Contamination

Contaminants in the air can be significantly reduced through regular HVAC sanitization and improved filtration.

Healthier Employees

By maintaining the cleanliness of your HVAC systems, you’re creating a healthier environment for visitors and employees.
hvac technicians performing preventative maintenance on nyc building

Case Studies

Learn how businesses in and around New York City are using The BP Group to increase their HVAC efficiency, reduce costs, and make positive changes. Our customer success stories showcase some of companies currently using The BP Group to solve their HVAC challenges.