HVAC Energy Optimization

At The BP Group, we provide the most energy efficient HVAC system that combines the systematic collection of information from the building management system while offering additional energy sustainability services. After we gather all analytical data, we are able to conduct an in-depth analysis and develop the most cost effective HVAC energy optimization plan.

Oversee the optimization of HVAC systems with our easy-to-use utility insight program and review online energy usage reporting to better determine how to reduce costs for your facility.

We Optimize HVAC Systems

Almost every building wastes 10 percent or more of the energy it consumes due to inefficient operations of their HVAC system. Learn about the benefits of HVAC Energy Optimization to manage a more consistent and flexible budget.


We will install and maintain your commercial HVAC systems to maximize their reliability and minimize the need for repairs. Keep your building in New York at a comfortable temperature for years to come by partnering with The BP Group.


Keep your customers and employees comfortable at your commercial or industrial building with our advanced HVAC reporting technology. Our highly trained and experienced technicians will help maintain temperatures based on your specific requirements.


Improve your business’ air quality by reducing the spread of dust, bacteria, allergens and other harmful substances. Our experienced HVAC technicians will professionally sanitize your units and install air purification systems to keep your air clean.


Never guess how effectively your HVAC equipment is running. We’ll utilize our cutting-edge HVAC technology to monitor the ongoing energy consumption of your systems and suggest improvements.


Your carbon footprint can be substantially reduced by replacing your aging HVAC equipment or improving its efficiency. We use real time data to track and optimize the energy consumption of your systems.


We keep your HVAC systems running smoothly and efficiently to ensure that they can operate using less energy. This will save you money, lower the chances of equipment breakdowns and lessen your company’s impact on the environment!

Case Studies

Learn how businesses in and around New York City are using The BP Group to increase their HVAC efficiency, reduce costs, and make positive changes. Our customer success stories showcase some of companies currently using The BP Group to solve their HVAC challenges.