Our Legacy Insulation offers variety for commercial properties. Our in-depth understanding of the science behind insulation enables us to offer the most effective solution for a successful installation. Using the insulation solutions we recommend, our customers can protect the health of occupants while increasing their safety and providing overall comfort. Our insulation solutions lower operating costs while providing sustainable conditions that are are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


Our team has the expertise and will provide the guidance to educate about insulation, sustainability of the solution, and the benefits to the occupants the and environment.


The BP Group uses the latest technologies to accurately measure and report on your equipment’s performance. Should there be any issues with your commercial HVAC insulation, we will be alerted and make necessary adjustments.


Open communication and full transparency is paramount when dealing with mechanical equipment. Any complications are immediately addressed with our clients to ensure there are no surprises or confusion.

Experienced Technicians

Our mechanical HVAC engineers in New York have the skills and training necessary to provide top-quality consultation and services. With the BP Group, your HVAC equipment is in knowledgable, experienced hands.


Our HVAC insulation services are competitive both in price and quality. When you contract with The BP Group, you’re partnering with the very best mechanical engineers in NYC.

HVAC Support

No matter the quality of your commercial HVAC unit, problems can occur that require immediate attention. Our staff understands the urgency of these situations and will provide you with 24/7 emergency HVAC repairs in NYC.


Have questions about your HVAC equipment insulation? Our experienced, friendly technicians are happy to help guide you through any concerns you may have.

Case Studies

Learn how businesses in and around New York City are using The BP Group to increase their HVAC efficiency, reduce costs, and make positive changes. Our customer success stories showcase some of companies currently using The BP Group to solve their HVAC challenges.