Commercial HVAC Mechanical Services

As a leading HVAC mechanical services company in NYC, The BP Group provides the most comprehensive resources to meet your commercial HVAC project requirements. Our knowledgeable and experienced estimating team is equipped to provide all project plans and specifications with accurate budgets and/or contract pricing. Our mechanical engineers complete projects and serve our clients by combining the right people with the right processes and the best technology.

High Quality Mechanical Facility Services

Our HVAC mechanical engineers ensure your HVAC system is properly designed and engineered to maximize comfort and minimize energy output. Our HVAC technicians will work with your architects and designers to meet your needs and budget.

HVAC Mechanical Services Benefits

Our number one objective at The BP Group is achieving client satisfaction through transparent communication with the client and maximizing equipment uptime. Our services offer a host of benefits that reach beyond the initial service and continue through our preventative maintenance plans.

Transparent Project Plans

Our project plans lay out our exact process and the intended outcomes so there are no suprises in what we deliver.

Energy Efficient Systems

Maximizing energy output through efficient systems results in lower utility costs and less stress on your equipment.

Real-Time Monitoring

By implementing the latest technology, real-time system monitoring leads to more uptime and fewer service interruptions.
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The BP Group Case Studies

Learn how businesses in and around New York City are using The BP Group to increase their HVAC efficiency, reduce costs, and make positive changes. Our customer success stories showcase some of companies currently using The BP Group to solve their HVAC challenges.